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AirOffice Solutions

Welcome to the Air Office Solutions website, the home of AirOffice.

AirOffice is fast becoming an all encompassing airline operations solution. It's powerful and
comprehensive online technology, integrates all your operations into one seamless process.

AirOffice is a web-based software solution that runs from our web servers and into your web browser. 
Your data is stored in a secure enviroment, backed up nightly to tape and stored offsite.  Nothing has to be installed on your computer apart from Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 and often you will already have this available.

AirOffice is straightforward and logical in it's operation.  Your entire organization will work from a single set of shared real-time data and can do so from any internet enabled device, from multiple locations, all at the same time.  This allows your 24 hour a day operation to work in an effeicent manner.

We, at AirOffice, are confident that using our integrated online system we can increase the efficiency, lowering costs and therefore increasing the profits of your organisation.

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